How we work?

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Communities are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmentally responsible vendors, including designers and builders. More customers are looking to use more sustainable products and concepts into their lives and their interiors. We, as designers have an influence on the sustainability of an environment since we can decide which materials and products will be used. By supporting and creating sustainable designs, we can help to reduce the unfavorable environmental impact in our communities and help create for a better future.



We design with energy efficiency in mind installing windows that provides good insulation, curtains and drapes to keep both cold air in and the sun’s heat out. Window coverings, blinds and shades enable customers to control the area’s temperature in an energy efficient way. Area rugs and carpets are excellent thermal insulators, they can retain over 10% of a room’s heat or cold. Another important concept to save energy on lighting is using the right colors; lighter colors reflect more light while darker walls and furnishing need more artificial lighting . A theory that we apply is using reflective surfaces to bounce the light throughout and thus decreasing amount of artificial light needed.



We design to reduce environmental natural materials, such as wood, wool and natural stones, always without forgetting to treat them responsibly.



We design to lower waste. Interior designers have influence when it comes to waste reduction, and we have at the same time, a big responsibility to act sustainably. The planet’s precious resources are limited, so the mentality of discarding products as soon as they go out of style and replacing them with those that are currently trendy is no longer justifiable. We use a lot of sustainable thinking and try to grow everyday in this aspect; studying sustainable trends and ways of recycling, upcycling and repurposing. Instead of discarding old fashioned objects while they are still functional, we come up with creative ways to give them a new life. Something that our clients have appreciated very much every time we do this.

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